To whom it may concern,

This letter is to show my objection towards the plans of the Maastricht University to build a new biomedical centre (BMC), which will have animal testing as its foremost purpose. The UM claims to have its mission and strategy strongly focused on innovative education and research methods, as well as being a sustainable institution in the broadest sense. Yet, an investment in an outdated, cruel and unethical method is planned.

The immense sum of 22 million euros will be invested, mostly in facilitating a method of research that has proven to fail in up to 85% of the tests. At the same time the investments being made in the development of alternatives are not nearly as high.

I take the future seriously. This is a future without testing on animals. A nearby future that shows compassion towards all living beings. It is my understanding that this university is progressive and innovative and is striving towards the abolishment of vivisection. However, it has come to my attention that the number of animals that can be kept in the new BMC will not be any lower than in the current lab.

More and more alternatives are showing revolutionary breakthroughs in the research sector. It is time that the university puts itself at the front of this new wave of technology and shows true progression and innovation.

Taking this in consideration I would like to remind you that it is the obligation of the university to prepare its students for the future and market needs. Therefore I am calling you to:

1. Change the current plans for the BioMedical Centre and create an institution where focus and efforts are put into developing alternatives to animal testing and doing research with alternative methods.
2. Not enroll new research which would involve animal testing/vivisection.

The validation and regulatory acceptance of non-animal alternative tests is critical to the adoption of more humane scientific methodologies.

With kind regards,