Anno 2019 there are countless alternatives available to animal testing. These alternatives are not at the same advanced stage, so there is still a lot of room for improvement. More and more scientists switch from animal tests to alternatives. It is therefore important that more investments become available in the research towards, and improvement of, these research methods.

Let us be clear; there is not only one alternative to animal testing. The science on this field isn’t black and white and never will be. It is therefore important to change the attitude towards obtaining this scientific knowledge. This is important because our society is also changing; ethics when it comes to animals is becoming more and more important. More and more people decide to stop consuming animal products en the call for the end of animal testing sounds louder every day. This same society is also accepting that non-human animals have feelings, that they can suffer from pain and experience stress. Can we really make individuals suffer for the benefit of others?

The possibilities
For the largest amount of tests these days there are alternatives available or in development. For instance computer models, models design from human tissue, research on donated organs and so on. One most progressive alternative is the “organs-on-chip”, designed by the Harvard’s Wyss institute. It concerns human cells that were developed in a state of the art system to recreate the structures and functionality of human organs.