What is the BioMedical research Centre?
The BMC is the upcoming building project of the University of Maastricht(UM). Once finished, this ‘state of the art’ animal testing laboratory which will arise on the corner of the Oxfordlaan meeting the Universiteitssingel, will have cost a total sum of 22 million euro’s. For now it is still just a parking lot. The BioMedical research Centre will host a laboratory as well as animal holding cells, while given a modern look.

For several years there has been a plan of realising the new animal testing centre in Maastricht, which will serve as a replacement for the current one. In March 2019 the building permits were requested with the hopes of starting to build the BioMedical Centre in 2020.

Animal testing
From within the University there is an overall stubborn persistence towards animal testing. Even though they claim to arrange the new building in a way so that it could adapt to future alternatives, the University of Maastricht does not seem to mind paying a sum of 22 million into a building that has animal testing as a main focus.

The animals
A large percentage of the animals that are going to be kept will be rats and mice. To get some insight into the amount of animals that were used by the University of Maastricht in 2017, we have illustrated the known amount of individuals below. As soon as the numbers of 2018 will be publicly stated we will add them.